Reviews from Black Bear Hunting
on the British Columbia (BC) Coast of Canada

We also hunt Roosevelt Elk, Black-Tailed Deer, Cougar & Mountain Goat

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much Donna and I enjoyed Black Bear hunting with you on the west coast of Canada. I couldn't imagine a better hunt. The facilities were more than adequate, the food could not have been better and you don't get better people than you and all the other hunters that were there. If you can I would appreciate it if you would send us Cheryl and Gary's email or address so we could that them for their hospitality. Thanks again for a great British Columbia Black Bear hunt.

Donna and Wilson Harvey
Yazoo City, Mississippi

(photo to the right)

Canadian BC Black Bear Hunting review by Donna Harvey

Black Bear Hunting in Canada - British Colulmbia - review by Lacy Harber

Coastal Inlet Adventures (Black Bear Hunting on the coast of BC in Canada) owned by Brad Lister, in British Columbia is one of my most memorable hunting outfitters. My wife Dorothy, and I have hunted extensively all over the globe, with rifle and archery. We have hunted on 50 African safaris and on all the other continents.

When you meet someone who can handle details, hunt hard, and show you a good time they deserve a pat on the back. I first went black bear hunting with Brad on an all-guy hunt with special friends, where we all took bears, took lots of fantastic scenery pictures and took home a barrel of good memories. The next few trips included my wife, and some great couples, who hunt internationally.

Brad really goes over and beyond what it takes to give his bear hunters a great time. If you have a food preference, it is in camp.

We have had true spot and stalk hunts for black bear and Roosevelt elk, and enjoyed the scenery, Canadian coast, and camps as well.

Lacy Harber - Denison, Texas
(photo above)

Just got back home. The hunt was everything I hoped and more. We saw about 40 black bears and had at least 16 stalks. The hunting outfitter is tops and my guide (Johnny) was excellent, knowlegeable and good company. We were within 20 yards many times without a clear opportunity to shoot. I have to come right out with it and admit that on the last evening we had two geat shot opportunities within 90 minutes and my arrow missed both at 22 and 18 yards. That's a distance at which I'd never miss a target but somehow I seem to have concentrated on everything except my shot. I guess it was a case of nerves and "aim big, miss big". At least they were clean misses with no injured bears to worry about.

Anyway, it was a hugely successful trip in many other ways, full of memorable moments and lasting experiences (even without the black bear photo). I'll just suck up missing the bears and regard it as a good lesson to be aware of next time.

Black bear hunting can't get any better than that and the same goes for Brad and his outfit.

All the best,
Steve Hardy - Austria

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